Mary McAllister’s Recovery Story

Fun in the sun with her family kept her motivated to get back home. LifeWorks Rehab helped her get there.

I was planning knee surgery and had plenty of time to look at all the options for recovery. I took a tour of Louisa Health & Rehabilitation Center and on the tour I knew immediately that it was where I wanted to go. You could see how friendly and caring everybody was. I watched the patients carefully and watched the staff and nurses, and just loved what I saw.

I went in for knee surgery and had both knees done three months apart. I went to Louisa Health & Rehabilitation Center both times. I had quite a few issues and complications with my surgery and they handled everything very well. It required a more involved level of attention and the LifeWorks therapists were totally aware of my special needs. They went above and beyond to make sure I was cared for wonderfully. I can’t even express how great it was. They not only provide rehab therapy, but they also take care of you emotionally. My LifeWorks Rehab therapists really got to know me as a person. One day I was feeling down, and they could tell. Throughout the whole day, everyone seemed to be doing everything they could to cheer me up. And it worked–it was so nice.

Overall, it was just a very special experience to me, something I’ll never forget. People there really touch your lives and become a part of your recovery. I fall short of words to describe how great the staff at Louisa Health & Rehabilitation Center is. It was just an amazing experience every way you look at it. To have my legs and knees back to where they are now is great. My recovery was better than I could have ever hoped for. Now that I’m back home, I’m so happy to be able to be a part of our family activities again. We have a family tradition of getting together at the lake every summer, and it means so much that I can continue to be an active part of it.